GE GENIUSLINK™ gives its customers instant access to expertise and capacity through on-demand talent and open innovation. It engages millions of brilliant minds to solve business problems – from data science and analytics to innovation and small batch manufacturing.

IPX empowers inventors to innovate and collaborate with university researchers, corporate leaders, and financial institutions. IPX determine the value and market potential of inventions, and related intellectual property, and with that to realize its strategic value.

Tiber Creek Partners, LLC provides detailed business analysis, strategic planning, and substantive content, including scientific input, to biotechnology companies that seek to use non-dilutive capital from the U.S. Government, foreign governments, and non-governmental organizations as part of their commercialization objectives. We offer a full understanding of funding and procurement opportunities and provide the strategy and materials necessary to communicate the advantages and the state of development of our clients’ technology so that it resonates most effectively with funding and purchasing decision-makers.

The ValueBar helps physicians track the cost of care in real-time and benchmarks it against the cost to care for patients with similar conditions in similar facilities.

TensorDRO does for life science data owners what CROs do for the pharmaceutical industry.  Tensor DRO is a Data Research Organization bringing data science to the life sciences.  TensorDRO utilizes the SNOPTICS platform to generate actionable intelligence.