About Us

With offices in Vienna, Virginia, Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas TensorX helps clients maximize profits and minimize costs through an industry-leading Artificial Intelligence platform. The TensorX platform,  combined with a set of strategic services, helps clients leverage data to maximize its value to their enterprise. By combining the Cloud, the Crowd, and Machine Intelligence, we are able to model complex systems and extract actionable intelligence from Big Data. Based on these insights, we help enterprises maximize financial returns.

Our proprietary processes can be adapted, not only providing actionable insights but also  quantifying the financial impact of acting on those insights.

By helping our clients focus on high-impact opportunities, we empower them to continuously optimize business performance.

“With Expertise Comes Excellence.”

Our strengths reside at the intersection of Big Data, Economic Models, and Machine Intelligence.

Our integrated discovery process applies an extensive set of computational techniques to help solve complex business problems.  Our approach is unique in the breadth and depth of techniques utilized and in our ability to architect optimal computational solutions by combining various techniques in ways that heretofore have not been combined.

Listen … Learn … Quantify … Optimize.