About Us

TensorX represents the digital transformation of the enterprise. TensorX  leverages the Cloud, the Crowd, and AI to inform strategy, drive innovation, and optimize performance. This unique combination creates a Machine of Machines that instantiates a transformative new Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) platform as shown below.

Our proprietary processes can be adapted to not only provide actionable insights, but to quantify the financial impact of acting on them.

By helping our clients focus on high-impact opportunities, we can empower them to continuously optimize business performance.

“With Expertise Comes Excellence.”

Our strengths reside at the intersection of Big Data, Economic Models, and Machine Intelligence.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help you drive innovation.

Recent Events

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The Innovation Process

Rooted in Design Thinking.

Design Thinking combines the best of analytical thinking and intuitive analysis into a hybrid that promotes both creativity and feasibility. At the heart of Design Thinking is the intention to improve products by analyzing and understanding how users interact with products and investigate the conditions in which they operate.

The entire system is stochastic, and non-linear. Re-evaluation occurs at all levels.

The process includes…

  • Hypothesis-free Insight Generation
  • Forecasting and Predictive Modeling
  • Feature Extraction and Auto-clustering
  • Solution Sensitivity to Input Parameters
  • Financial Value Estimation and Realization



TensorX can generate optimized schedules across multiple industries.  The Platform can allocate resources in a way that generates higher quality service whilst minimizing the resources utilized to deliver.


Leveraging an economic model, the Platform generates solutions which maximize the financial performance of the enterprise.  These solutions cover a range of industries from supply chains and services, to insurance and healthcare.


Predict the price, quantity and distribution of demand across facilities, regions, and systems. The outputs from this module are utilized to optimize production, sourcing, and supply chain performance.


Interconnectivity is a key component of any decision support system. We have developed a robust integration layer to facilitate system interoperability.


Analyzing unstructured data in order to categorize, classify, and perform entity extraction.  We cluster items based on semantic similarity, vendors, part identifiers, price, and other qualifiers and characteristics.


Merging and analyzing catalogues, transactions, facility characteristics, and demographic data to determine and quantify savings opportunities.